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Get in the Act, Kids!

Join Us

Here’s HOW:

  • Act out dramatic scenes.
  • Sing and stage musical numbers.
  • Bust out some dance moves.
  • Write an original story with a playwright.
  • Design costumes, posters and sets to bring it all to life.
  • Perform live on stage for friends & family.
  • JOIN US or just show up!

Here’s WHY:

  • It’s all FREE. For real.
  • Get professional theater training from our team of seasoned pros.
  • Stay active and have fun after school and during the summer.
  • We’ll even come to your school!
  • Meet cool new people.
  • Do cool stuff.

Cool Rules After School 

ACT 1: The Workshops

Get Your Groove On: Relax and focus with mental, physical and vocal exercises.

Act Out: Improvisation and theater games to help enhance concentration, creativity, language, movement and observation skills.

Sound Off:  Script reading and singing.

Step Out: Dance and choreography

Get Smart: Lessons on acting, singing, clowning, puppetry, spoken word, theater production and playwriting.

ACT II:  The Rehearsals

  • Practice lines, blocking, songs and dances.
  • Create the script, set design, sound design and posters.

ACT III: It’s Showtime!

  • Debut a world premiere production.
  • Perform live on stage at community events.
  • Attend live professional theater performances.

Join us for afternoon workshops and rehearsals during the school year.

3:30-4:30 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
September 2017-May 2018

African American Art & Culture Complex
762 Fulton St., San Francisco

Hot Fun in the Summertime!  

Beat the summer blues and join us for free musical theater programs.

June 5-August 4

Various locations, including Don Fisher Boys and Girls Club, Buchanan YMCA, Western Addition Beacon Center, Booker T. Washington Community Service Center, Margaret Haywood Rec-Connect, and MagicZone.

Community Partners

Please give a hand to our dedicated community partners, whose generous support & assistance make our programs possible.

    Join Us

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