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Handful Players is grateful for the gifts of money and services from our generous donors.

2013 - 2016


    Angels ($10,000+)

    Standing Ovation Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)

    Megastars ($2,500-$4,999)

    Stars ($1,000- $2,499)

  • Marshall and Vicky Berol
  • Bridge Brands Chocolate
  • Sol and Kate Coffino
  • Sandy Cohen
  • Steven J. Cohen
  • Peter Fitzsimmons
  • Lynne Lancaster and Allan Grosh
  • Lois Mitchell
  • Ed Stewart and Janet Montecalvo
  • Burt and Marlene Nanus
  • Up On Top

    Spotlights ($500-$999)

    Bright Lights ($250-$499)

  • James Harris
  • Scot Kobashigawa
  • Carol Leonard and John Hamilton
  • Chris and Janette Maher Family Trust
  • 42nd Street Moon
  • Stephen and Laurie Pearce
  • Jerome Schofferman and Sally Holland
  • Jonas Siegel
  • T-Shirt Fever Company

    Supporting Players ($100-$249)

  • Steve Bach
  • *Betty Berni
  • Jim Bogios and Sara Dornisch
  • Linda Brewer
  • Rodney Chin
  • The Milton Constance Greenfield Trust
  • Margot Hirsch
  • Guy Joslin
  • *Pat Lancaster
  • *Gail and Bill Reid
  • Daniel and Anne Rinzel
  • Jodee Sacco
  • Safeway
  • Dinah and Noah Stroe
  • Rene Strong
  • Patricia Tomlinson and Bennet Weintraub

    Stage Hands ($15-$99)

  • Kathy Anttila
  • Martin and Miriam Goodman
  • *Art and Shirley Hage
  • Tanica Lyons
  • Robin Simke

*Donation in memory of Allan Grosh, strategic advisor to Handful Players and beloved friend


  • Google for Nonprofits
  • Wells Fargo Bank - Laurel Village, CA Branch

  • Sheryl Davis, Executive Director
    San Francisco Human Rights Commission
  • Jeff Adachi, San Francisco Public Defender
  • London Breed, Supervisor
    San Francisco Western Addition District 5
  • Vallie Brown and Iris Wong, Aides
    San Francisco Western Addition District 5
  • Karin Cotterman, Engage SF Director
    University of San Francisco
  • Barbara Damashek, Musical Theater Professor
    San Francisco State University
  • Christine Young, Associate Professor
    Performing Arts and Social Justice Department, University of SF
  • Rodney Chin, Executive Director
    San Francisco's Buchanan YMCA
  • Bill Burke, Associate Director
    San Francisco's Buchanan YMCA
  • Maysha Jackson and LaSaundra Owens
    Western Addition Beacon Center
  • Spencer Tolliver, Clubhouse Director
    San Francisco's Don Fisher Boys and Girls Club
  • Anitra Baker, Director of Programs
    Margaret Hayward Rec-Connect
  • Jerry Trotter, , Director of Programs
    Booker T Washington Community Center
  • Silena Layne, Program Director
    Up on Top
  • Shawn Mansager, Principal
    John Muir Elementary School
  • Courtney Cook, Teacher
    Spring Valley Science School
  • Renee Strong, Supervisor
    Hamilton Recreation Center
  • Barbra Wenger, Executive Director
    Community Grows
  • Nick Triantafyllos, Designer
    Nicholas Communications
  • Anne Lew, Artist
  • Vicki Berol, Artist
  • Nannette Harris, Artist
  • Nancy Stohn, Artist
  • Ditka Reiner, Artist
  • Joan Cooke, Artist
  • Toni Weingarten, Producer
  • Bunny Zaruba, Artist
  • Kathleen Clark, Artist